When does 5-HTP start to work? when will i start to perceive the effects?

i herad 5-HTP helps raise serontonin level. i'm not sure if i want to try this yet. does anyone know the effects of this supplement? when does it start to work? how long does it take to work? how would i feel/what will i consistency? how long does it last? whats the correct dosage? is this good for unhappiness?
Answers:    I've taken this before with SAM-E, which is another mood nouns. I sometimes get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) during the winter time. It feels more approaching a melancholy rather then a depression, as if you only don't have much motivation to do anything. 5-HTP and SAM-E help considerably for me.

The website below will dispense you more info on how they work

The 5-HTP works right away, by the next day you should have a feeling it. I can't advise you how much to take as I can't diagnose on the network but here's what I have done.The bottle I have is 50mg and I be taking 1 pill 2x's a day. After I was taking it for nearly 2 or 3 weeks I started skipping days. I realized that I was forgetting to bear it as my mood was better. I've never found I needed to be on it for a long time. What it does for me is kick-start me out of a funk. The SAM-E I took once a day (a) 200mg and that too readily fell away after a few weeks. SAM-E takes a few days more to feel the effects. I enjoy taken SAM-E by itself years ago and it worked well.

I'm not sure what your type of sadness is. But I can communicate you that both supplements put me in a better mood and I feel more motivated to join in my day fairly then do just the unclothed minimum that needs to be done. If it is a sadness from a loss it can assist lift your mood but the grief from that takes time. My experience be a sadness from something I really couldn't pinpoint. It just be there.

Always make sure you read the side effects beforehand taking any supplements

Hope this helps

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5htp did not work for me i use L-tryptophan seem to work better for me also new chapter holy basil really helps.