Doxycycline for an abcess tooth?

my sister in law give me some doxycycline because I have an abcess tooth and my appt. isn't til next week and I can't loaf that long because this damn tooth is killing me! so she gave me those because she doesnt stipulation it anymore. will doxycycline work for an abcess tooth? It's 100mg per pill.
Never, ever take any prescriptions not prescribed directly for you. throw them away.

The doxy won't help receive rid of the infection, you need something stronger than that. If you're in that much stomach-ache, call the office hindmost and let them know. They should be able to see you on an emergency spring and give you the correct antibiotic for the correct amount of days you're supposed to take it.

Feel better.
Your sister in directive shouldn't nave given this medication to you (I don't think it's legal).


YES, it will work. Doxycycline is a tetracycline antibiotic and as such it has excellent access into pus (which is what an abscess is made of).

A common mistakes some dentists do is, they give a penicillin or a cephalosporin because they murder more germs (in the Petri dish). However, because of the pus within the abscess and the polarity of these molecules, they actually help yourself to longer than doxycycline or clarithromycin.
Answers:    You can put scotch whiskey on it and the pain will stop. The abscessed tooth will need to be extracted or a root strait done to save the tooth. Any antibiotic should have some effect, but it will also verbs 3/4 of your immune system taking it. You can put a mixture of Neem Oil and Neem Bark on the gums to help relieve the pain and sustain in the healing process. The best Neem products I've found that really work are at: (800) 370 - 3447. You should also bring back their probiotic to start taking to counter the destruction of your intestinal flora due to the antibiotic you will be taking.

good luck to you
Doxy is not a spasm killer, its a mild antibiotic & will not help contained by abcessed tooth. You need some thing stronger close to Amoxcillin & a pain killer close to Ibuprofen.Try warm salt marine garggle so that it will help in draining the abcess out.