How do damon braces thicken you palate withouth using a palate expander?

I have been to masses orthodontists over the years and they all have told me impossible to tell apart thing, I would need a palate expander. When I go to my current orthodontist he explained the expansion would come natural when I got damon braces. Any information would lend a hand. thnkx!
Answers:    Actually, Damon archwires are what does the widening/expanding. The orthodontist I used to work for used them regularly and in many cases on patients that would own needed a palatal expander before Damon came along. They worked powerfully. Other brands of braces have archwires that are shaped more narrow than Damon which does not allow for expansion. In my feelings, Damon is the best. If your upper jaw is extremely narrow, they may not work as okay. You can get a second opinion from another orthodontist smoothly.
Damon braces cannot do anything which other brands of braces can't do. That is all marketing hype by Ormco. If you're an adult, your palate cannot in actual fact be widened except via surgery to split the palatal suture (the "seam" down the middle of your palate) . The palate is bone and once you are finished growing, the suture fuses and it will not get any wider.

However, braces alone can undertake some expansion of the dental arch (doesn't have to be Damons, any braces can do it). If your arch is a kind of V shape, braces will shift teeth outwards into more of a U-shape making your smile wider, but with the sole purpose within the confines of the existing jawbone. The bone itself is unchanged, simply the teeth move.
i have never heard of damon braces, and im sorry i can't answer your query, but i had a palate expander and i hated it next to passion. It hurt, and because it pulled your muscles away from each other on the roof of your mouth, your two front teeth next to seperate, i remember i could put my pinky finger between my two front teeth, but when they took it out, my teeth quickly closed back together within a week.