Throbbing toothache on a crown?

I have a severe toothache under a molar on the upper right side of my mouth. I not long had a crown placed on this tooth (8 months ago).
Until yesterday evening, I had some hot and cold sensitivity, but zilch serious. The only thing that seem to kill the pain at this point is swishing my mouth beside cold water and it only does the trick for around five minutes or so (hot salt water really stung).
I've tried ibuprofen and acetaminophen, but so far to no avail. Is here anything that I can get OTC (Seattle, WA) that will dull this pain until I can form an appointment at the dentist tomorrow?
Answers:    I'm afraid the evidence points strongly to an abscessed tooth :( and it will only get better through relieving the pressure via root strait. AVOID hot foods and liquids, and continue beside the cold water rinses. Sometimes a frozen bag of peas held over the cheek fundamental the offending tooth can help a bit. OTC meds will most likely with the sole purpose have limited worth at this point, so DON'T take more than the recommended dosage-it won't help, and will solitary possibly make you sick! Most dental offices enjoy after hour numbers you can call for emergencies-make sure you have one on paw in case the strain begins to increase before tomorrow. Good luck!