What can I expect to reward to fix ground-down teeth?

For years and years I have had the doomed to failure habit of grinding my teeth; though I'm sure I still do it sometimes when I sleep, I have be good about stopping when I am awake.

I own set aside some money (I'm not assuming it's enough, about $2000) to fix my teeth since the setting up of last fall.

My teeth right very soon look OK, some are ground down more than others, but it's to the point where there are pits contained by the top of all of my teeth and some of my canines are pretty flattened and pitted. They are always sensitive, and, for reason besides looks (which I also think is very important), I really REALLY would resembling to get my teeth fixed.

Next month I plan on asking my dentist about it, but, I be hoping someone here could help shed some light on what get done to fix ground-down teeth like this, how reliable it is (are they capped? does it final?), and most importantly, how much I might expect to pay for something like this?

Any information would be massively helpful!
Answers:    Sounds like you may call for crowns. They will cost more than 2000. I would strongly suggest you get a nightguard though. It will protect your teeth from anymore grinding.It wont stop you from grinding but it will help your teeth within the long haul. If you get veneer ..they will pop off because of the grinding any filling will do indistinguishable. Go to your dentist and have a cosmetic consult and see what they recommend. I would imagine though they will influence crowns. Everything depends on your bite though. Make sure whatever you do or spend you invest in a nightguard.
Though I enjoy seen some dentists try to fix this problem through placing composite fillings (Bonding) on the tops of the teeth, it just ever works. Anytime I have seen someone who have worn down the tops of their teeth through grinding, the only really long term solution is to crown the teeth and variety an occlusal guard. Depending on the number of teeth that a patient would need to enjoy crowned, it could run a patient more than $10,000.

I had an elderly man come surrounded by to my office a couple of years ago, and almost all of his teeth be so ground down that the dentin on the inside was showing and in certainty you could see the pulp chamber on a couple of them. When he closed down on his back teeth, in his usual bite, there was a space between his top and bottom teeth that be big enough to put his thumb into. The only prospect was for him to crown 90% of his teeth, which cost him close to $20,000.

Hopefully your teeth are not this bad, as this man case was immensely extreme.

I would average it at about $900-1,000 a crown.
I'm not sure what you would pay but I'm sure it will cost contained by the ballpark of what you have saved up for it. There are ways around paying that much money to enjoy that done.

There are dental plans out there that will cover pre-existing conditions. Most are not an insurance but a discount program. Most times a discount program pays better than a dental insurance plan and the savings is instantaneous, instead of submitting a claim and waiting and not knowing.

There is a company called Ameriplan USA that discounts dental. I have it and it have saved me hundreds of dollars on my crowns and fillings. I purchased it for single $19.95 a month and it also covers vision and prescription.
I got mine at www.everyonebenefits.com/40565499 and my cards come in the mail in days!

As far as what to expect with the procedure I don't know. Usually they do capping or veneer, especially if it is cosmetic only. Most things like that ultimate about 10 years but I am sure the products they are using are lasting longer in a minute a days!
Good luck!