Wisdom tooth extraction 9 days ago, blood clot have simply fall out, will I gain dry socket?

I had my lower left paw wisdom tooth extracted last friday (9 days ago). It be quite impacted and difficult to get out (was contained by there for 2 hours). After 4 days the pain be getting worse so I went back and the dentist told me she needed to restitch it as the stitches have been cut too short. She also cleaned and packed it near the brown clove smelling gauge. She said it wasn't infected.

Today (9 days after extraction, 5 days after restitching) i woke up to find a blood clot in my mouth presumably from the extraction site. Am i feasible to develop dry socket or is it normal to fall out very soon?
Answers:    There are two symptoms of dry socket
(i) Severe pain extending up to the ear
(ii) Bad smell from the socket

If you are developing these symptoms then, possibly it is a Dry Socket.
you've have plenty of time to begin healing. you shoudlnt return with a dry socket.. dont smoke