Can an outdoor BBQ grill be sanitized after finding rat droppings on the bottom inside. And the grill?

The lid was not left accessible. No droppings were left on the grill where on earth the food touches. Just droppings down where the "coals" are. Is there anything that will truly sanitize beside a wipe down after everything is removed (coals etc.) I've already heard diluted bleach water. Isopropyl Alcohol is flammable, but won't corrode approaching bleach, but would it remain flammable after most of it evaporates? A new unit is fundamentally expensive - it's a BBQ grill hooked up to a gas line supplied by the house. Any thoughts on stores to go to for deal for a new one if I don't get a clear answer here? Don't want to dance with the separate canisters. I close to my gas piped in.:)
Answers:    I had a similar problem next to my propane grill where I found rat droppings in the bottom, close at hand the grease catcher. Using gloves, I removed all of the grill components, cleaned out the fecal and grease material, afterwards put it all back together. I turned the grill on for an hour and tolerate it heat up to 550 degrees. I douced the grill next to a 12oz mixture of water and peroxide (80% water, 20% H202) and closed the lid to "steam clean" the inside of the grill. This worked pretty resourcefully. Remember to have a bucket or can under the grill to pick up the liquid that does not turn into steam which will contain a high amount of grease.

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