Can cocaine gain into your urine by touching it?

Can cocaine get into your urine by touching it? And can cocaina get into your urine by kissing someone? I own UA coming up.
if you touch it it can bring back into your system, but may only be picked up in blood...kissing somone i would visualize it would be the same if they put somein their cheeks.all though it sounds approaching someone may be trying to find an excuse and had a hit or 2. i dont think so
NO, to both Questions!

BUT, be SURE they're NOT Snorting or Licking the Cocaine when you kiss them.. IF they've Snorted it goes contained by thru the Nostril and 'leaks' into the Throat Cavity, mixing w/Saliva.and you 'tongue' with them...THEN you have a Problem!

Answers:    Yes, cocaine can be absorbed through the skin, especially through mucous membranes like your muzzle and mouth--that's why people get soaring by sniffing it.

According to Quest Diagnostic Laboratories (an agency that does drug testing), "Drugs can be accidentally or deliberately swallowed, inhaled, injected, or absorbed through a skin surface or mucous membrane." It list concaine specifically as one drug that can get into a person's system that way.

I did find a record online from someone claiming that they don't use drugs in any way, but tested positive after mortal with their boyfriend who uses cocaine (link below).

The page at Ask an Expert mentions two studies that show low levels of cocaine within urine after environmental exposure from handling cocaine--one showed that lab workers in crime labs tested positive after dealing with cocaine, and another showed that cocaine be excreted in urine after being rubbed on the underside of a person's arm.

On another minute, I have been around individuals who use cocaine or are involved in relationships with society who use. It's a very dangerous drug to be around because it lead to very unpredictable, irrational and often lawless behavior. Coke users very often become abusive--violent, controlling, manipulative and irrational.

Being involved next to someone who uses cocaine can ruin your life in much bigger ways than making you enjoy a positive drug test.

If you are in a relationship beside a drug addict and are not willing or competent to get out of that relationship, please consider attending a support croup such as CoDA (codependents anonymous) or Narc-anon.
i dont think so
my version of this drug , yes