Can the Brain Eating Ameoba (Naegleria fowleri) Exist In Canadian Lakes?

Was curious is this ameoba can exist in Canadian Lakes in the summer or if their own been any cases of it in Canada. I know the ameoba loves thaw freshwater (25–35 degrees Celsius) and is more prominent during July August and September in the southern US states..but not sure if it exists within Canadian warm freshwater lakes.
Answers:    The amoeba responsible is commonly found contained by fresh water and soil all over the world, but seem to be only a real risk within the very warm waters of the southern tier states of the US. I don't believe it's occured intrinsically in Canada, but your local health department would be the best relations to ask. It seems to like the sea too warm and for too much of the year to be much of a risk in your colloquial waters- though of course it could live in an indoor swimming pool or hot tub that isn't properly maintain. It really does prefer tropical temperatures, so I think you should be nontoxic enough swimming in your lake.