Does MassHealth cover dermatologist visit?

i have a like a short time mole growing on my back and it's not tecnically a mole because its not colored and it looks more like a pimple too but i own NEVER had a pimple on my back so that doesn;t brand sense. and it's been there for a few weeks. it's for a time swollen i think. and i dont think i've ever expose it to the sun though. how can i seize skin cancer in a part of me that's never be exposed to the sun?

and i have masshealth like hundreds of million other associates and i want to know if it covers dermatologist visits? im sort of worrry i might have skin cancer
Answers:    it might be a cyst or a mole. skin cancer is usually irregular colored or vastly dark- but you can still go to your primary doctor & have him/her look at it- they can determine if you have need of to have it removed or not- possibly do it in the department, or possibly refer you out-- if you want to know if your specific plan covers dermatology, there should be a customer service phone number on the card- call & ask - you may entail a referral, or you may not- they will tell you the exact benefit.