Hand foot and mouth disease vs. strep throat?

My 4 year old woke up this morning and seemed fine, but a few hours next suddenly started laying around and complaining of chest, neck, and stomach backache. I took his temperature, and it was 103. I took him to an urgent vigilance facility (NO openings at his regualr dr. till tomorrow), where the doctor looked at his throat (as all right as he could--you know kids) and diagnosed strep throat. He said he could run a test to be sure, but he felt pretty trustworthy with what he saw and with the confusion, and prescribed an antibiotic.
I looked in his mouth this afternoon, and there are sores adjectives over the back of his mouth. Could this be hand, foot and mouth instead of strep? How glorious a fever usually comes with that? I know stomach agony can come with strep, but does it come with HFMD also? Both strep and HFMD enjoy been going around at our church.
Answers:    When you have strep throat you usually catch little white sores on the back of your mouth and tonsils. I'm sure its just strep.
He'll grain better tomorrow,sonds like strep.Good luck, and eat lots of popcycles.