My check say " urine microalbumin (spot) " reading is 26 mg/l . what does this propose?

my blood glucose (fasting) - 119 mg/dl
blood glucose (PP) - 212 mg/dl
HbA1C - 8.9 %
Answers:    It's a spot test (not a collected 24 hour sample of urine) of the rank of albumin you have present in your urine.

Less than 30 mg/l is considered regular. There's no need to worry.

The try-out is normally carried out in diabetics to determine whether you own kidney damage or not. As I say, you result shows that you are fine.

On a personal record though, you could really do with bringing your HbA1c down a little. 8.9% is too glorious and leaves you wide open to developing complications.

I preference you the very best of luck for a happy, robust, complication-free life.