What is MRSE?

Hi, i'm interested to know more about MRSE. It's often related with MRSA (Methicillin Resistance Staph.Aureus) but may i know what's the difference? Will a patient develop MRSA if he/she get MRSE in the first place? I do know that hospital staffs need to report of the incidence of MRSA, but what roughly MRSE? I was told that it does not need reporting. May i know why? Can anyone pls aid me? Thanks.
Answers:    The Staphylococcal Family
Staph aureus is just one of a large relatives of staphylococcal bacterium. Their normal place of residence is on the human skin. The most common non - Staph aureus Staphylococcus on human skin is call S. Epidermidis. Generally harmless and called constituent of the 'normal communal flora' of the human body, many S. Epidermidis are also resistant to antibiotics, including methicillin. They have duplicate resistance mechanism as MRSA and are referred to as MRSE.

Although resident on everyone's skin, but normally non-hazardous, S. Epidermidis causes significant infection if it enters wounds upon medical devices. For Example: Artificial hip joint, heart valves, or when medical staff use intravenous catheters to provide access to the bloodstream. Severely ill patients, such as those within intensive medical care units, or those undergo cancer chemotherapy, are at a greater risk of this sort of infection than most others.

The above extract was taken from: http://www.mrsamedical.com/

If you are worried about the MRSE cause development of MRSA then call in the site and see how to kill the bacterium internally and externally with a proven, patented, antimicrobial product. MRSE is antibiotic-resistant.

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From what I saw MRSE is not at all that bad. They read aloud that it is also easier to treat. That is more then likely why it doesn't requirement to be reported. What the heck is MRSE? I think any antibiotic resistant infection should be reported.