Can an American see a Canadian doctor for healthcare?

I live in the US near the Quebec border and do not hold health insurance. Is it a big deal to return with an appointment with a doctor in Montreal or Sherbrooke or any place surrounded by between? Do I need to wait contained by line behind Canadian citizens? What will it cost me for a physical exam? Is at hand a prohibition against Canadian doctors treating uninsured Americans? Je parle un peu de francais s'il fait une difference.
Answers:    If you can find a doctor who will take you on, there is beyond doubt no rule prohibiting you from seeing a Canadian doctor and paying for your care yourself, since you obviously don't own Canadian universal coverage.

So, go ahead and start calling doctors, you might be capable of find yourself a doctor.
I did once while visiting. Visited a clinic and received prescriptions.

Exam not free. I paid them.
yes, b ut ask the cost first.