Fell of a 9 or 10 foot roof. Landed on my heels. how do I cure it?

HI. I fell off a 9 or 10 feet roof. Landed on my heels. And the tip of my heels hurt when I put pressure. So for example, when I way of walking on my toes, it does not hurt. But when I walk regularly with my heels, they hurt. I tried squeezing the sides, and I can touch the pain. What is this pain? and How can I cure it WITHOUT going to a Doctor.

I don't enjoy the money and time to go to the Doctor. and the pain is not that severe anymore. But everytime I play basketball, the after effects are crazy.

Anyways, I've gotten this injury final sunday. what should I do to cure it WITHOUT going to the doctor.
Answers:    You may very well enjoy fractures. Go to a doctor or emergency room.
sounds like soft tissue injury. If you'd broken the calcaneum of each heel (the heel bone) next the pain would be constant and you wouldn't be able to put your foot on it.

I suggest you go to the pharmacy/chemist/drug store and ask for an anti-inflammatory. That should help, but if strain doesn't go away completely in a couple of weeks, consequently I'm afraid the doctor is your next port of call.