Medical Detox from Oxycodone (percocet) procedure?

My mother has been on a filling dose of generic oxycodone for a few years because of a chronic pain condition. The pain have been so bad that she have had multiple surgeries and had to quit her brief. I am at college and I recently found out that my mom was hospitalized detoxing from the percocet. She is not taking call and my father and aunt are being very hazy with me. They said she is detoxing but they put her on oxycontin. This seems extraordinarily strange to me that they are detoxing her from percocet and putting her on something even STRONGER. Why is this necessary? what is the usual procedure of switching pain meds similar to that?

By the way, my mother is and always have been EXTREMELY cautious in the region of her medicine. She never abused it, hated the side affects, cut her pills surrounded by half and took many other precautions including locking them up -she is a former nurse and legal representative and is not detoxing due to addiction but rather because of strong physical dependency and med regulation. Thanks.
Talk to your mom and have the doctor come to see her when you are there. You should be informed as to what is going on and why because you are her child.
when someone is on pouring doses of opiate pain medications, especially for a long time, it can create fundamentally unpleasant withdrawal symptoms i.e. chills, insomnia, irritability, nausea, etc. when these become too intense to taper off of minus aid, often methadone is prescribed. methadone is an opoid that allows the body to not crave other opiates, and is easier to wean off of. contained by my medical experience with opiates, oxycodone -Or any other opiate for that matter- is not ideal for long occupancy use due to these symptoms. it is designed for acute pain, not chronic pain. for chronic affliction, nerve pain medication are ideal. next time you stop by, call, or email your mother or father or aunt, have her or them inquire just about Neurontin (gabapentin) and Lyrica, which are sister medications, both used for chronic pain. I hope this give you an idea of what is going on with your mom, and i hope she feel better =) Talk to your mom and have the doctor come to see her when you are there. You should be informed as to what is going on and why because you are her child.
Answers:    hard to know give or take a few the exact procedure they used, but they may be using a lower dose of oxycontin & gradually tapering it down.
try to gossip to your dad/aunt & tell them you want more information. they may be incorrect, or correct. oxycodone & percocet are in matching family:

your mom may have be very careful taking meds as prescribed, but percocet is still significantly addictive even if taken as prescribed for a long time. i've known a few people who hold had to do hospital detox after taking too much migraine medication for too long-- it simply becomes ineffective- similar to your moms pain medication.

ask your mom to allow someone in the hospital to be capable of give you information (a nurse or doctor).
good luck
She entail to talk to the doctor. To tall him that she would similar to to stay on Detox or Some thing not as stronger as Oxycontin.All she is call jump vist him talk to him.

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I cannot speak to your mother's case as I do not enjoy all the information.

However, Percocet is oxycodone, as is oxycontin, so one is not stronger than the other, oxycontin is just longer acting.

The benefits of a longer acting formulation are that at hand are less peaks and valley in the pain control. This vehicle that most people can be controlled with a lower dose, which is deliver consistently. When trying to stop the medication, it can also be easier to decrease the dose in a twice per sunshine dose, than a 4 or 6 time per day dose formulation.

The physiologic dependence is no greater with oxycontin than percocet. However, due to the consistency of the dose, at hand is less of a psychological effect, and often smaller quantity addiction behavior.

I hope this information helps.

But for information specific to your mother you would have to natter to your mother. Her physician will not necessarily discuss the issue with you unless you are in a guardian status due to meidcal privacy issues.