Okay bruise, but no color?

Yesterday i got a bruise from my cousin acidently throwing an unbrella at my head. When I press on it, it really hurts. but no sitting duck! I know there must be a contustion involved. Why is this?
Answers:    you can bruise the muscle without breaking the little blood lines right beneath your skin (which is what makes the color of bruises)
Sometimes that happens to me too. It feel like a bruise, but you look and there's no marks.
A couple explanations: bruises can filch up to 48 hours to color, so you might still end up with a smudge.
Otherwise, the bruise is probably too deep to see. The capillaries that broke are too far from the top of your skin for the color to be evident.
There are a number of reasons it won't show up. The bruise might not be severe satisfactory, or maybe you're skin is too tan. I've get a darker complexion, so when I get bruised, it from time to time turns color. uuum... do u want there 2 b colour?