Sleeping on the couch?

is it bad for me to sleep on the couch? im 14 and i've been out of college for a week. my mom says its bad and she get mad at me and took my stuff away so now im stuck here on the computer. =[ i focus its kind of dumb cause she say its bad and it hasnt affected me contained by any way at all..and im sleeping fine. so, is it even discouraging?
Answers:    Yes it's unhealthy for you. The couch doesn't give proper support for your spine, central to increase stress to your muscles, nerves, and your organs. A few nights won't be serious, but prolonged sleeping on the couch can be detrimental. Go sleep in the bed resembling your mom tells you.
yes, its doesn't perceive comfortable, and you don't get a good satisfactory sleep...if the couch is big enough for you to lie straight down on, later i don't think its bad.