Swallowed Coke Tab?

OK, I have a bad mannerism of breaking off the tab on a can of coke, chewing it, and spitting it out once it breaks. Well, I pit it out but I think I swallowed a small fragment, something like 2 cm by 2 cm.
Is that enough to harm me? I'm terrified as heck right now and I want to know whether it's safe and what I can do to backing it pass along.
if you feel any pain, step the the ER as soon as possible, but relax, it hasn't happened yet, you should be fine, and as the guy bellow said, drink bread. if the tab piece was sharp, go to the ER. ya
Answers:    Bozotec told you right. Eat bread. I swallowed a penny and that's what i was told. You must show 2mm by 2mm ? 2 cm is bigger than the entire tab. If you mean 2mm then that's tiny and not even worth you worrying more or less or me writing about. Just eat the bread so that it is "wrapped contained by it" so that as it passes its way out it doesn't cut your "final door". 24 hours+/- depending on your metabolism. No problem. Bon apetit !
drink bread