.Big Pupils?

I've had big pupils practicly adjectives my life.
Somtimes they'd procure small then they'd attain big.
Is this a bad entity or somthing?
Cause Today my friend Abraham told me i had pretty eyes,because my pupils be big .
[my eyes are Blue/gray]
But last year we have this testing entity.To check if your spine was straight and the woman noticed i have big pupils and she asked me
"Do you do drugs"
Stupid ** pissed me off.
So what does it denote when your pupils get really big.Randomly.?

I read somewhere it be a sign of great youth.And that some people within asia,and other countrys,they try to make their pupils big.why?
Answers:    Dilated pupils supposedly receive you more sexual. Something to do with it individual nighttime and dark. Conversely, your pupils will constrict or become smaller surrounded by response to light. I do regard as big pupils look pretty.

There is a big difference between Asians and Orientals. All orientals are Asians. but not all Asians are orientals. And some Asians do own big eyes. Most orientals have small eyes. However, some oriental women grasp their eyes made bigger and rounder for beautification .or because they don't want to be stereotyped as orientals next to "slit" or "slanty" eyes. It has zilch to do with making the pupils bigger.

Drugs esp the recreational ones tend to dilate your pupils. That's why the tester made that remark. In assimilation, dilated pupils are indicative of brain damage sustained within a brain injury situation from let's say a trauma or motor accident.

But big handsome round eyes with big pupils are pretty. Says the wolf to Little Red Riding Hood : "To better see you; my dear!." Which is in truth a myth; because with dilated pupils ( as when the optometrist put these drops surrounded by your eyes to dilate them) you won't be able to see.

Scientific explanation for this :
Light go through the cornea of your eye and the lens and projects an image on the retina. On the retina near are specialized cells call rods and cones. Rods are sensitive in poor oil lamp and are developed best in nocturnal animals. such as the owls. The cones detect colors and are used during the morning when there is plenty of buoyant. Once detected by the rods and cones, the information is sent to the brain along the optic nerve. Once near, the information is translated into a visual model.

When combined, certain drugs, medication, substances or toxins may react cause dilated pupils as a symptom.

Other drugs or substances may cause your symptoms. Always advocate your doctor of any medications or treatments you are using, including prescription, over-the-counter, supplements, herbal or alternative treatments

When you are startled, or surprised, your pupils can tend to dilate on a whim.

Here are some things why you may have eternally-dilated pupils:

–Some sort of beyond repair state of arousal
– Bit more anxious than others (i.e., always surrounded by fight-or-flight mode)
– More of a sexual person
–More alert than others
–Super-slightly slipped disc somewhere on my spine which could be corrected by a chiropractor!
–Weak pigment surrounded by my retina - problems with grimace as well)

People's pupils are different sizes as well. So your pupils will other look larger than other people's. This could also play a role in your pupils' looking dilated.

As for questionable photoreceptors ( the rods and cones) , that would suggest that it takes more neutral for you to see than a normal individual, which would explain why your pupils are more dilated because dilation allows more light to come into your eyes. This would probably also result within a reduced sensitivity to contrast, so when two things are very similar contained by lightness, you could verbs them more than a normal human being. It would also make it harder for you to see surrounded by the dark, because you involve more light to cause your photoreceptors work, and since at normal muted levels you are more dilated than middle-of-the-road people, you hold less variety.
Big pupilsa long story. When you like what you see or are aroused, intrigued, etc. consequently your pupils get bigger. I would assume you own a very great outlook on enthusiasm and are an optimist. Don't let those population who ask you if you're on drugs get your pupils smaller. You should be proud of them.