Body Temperature of 94.8?

Is that a problem?
Answers:    yea, re take your temp. your thermometer is probably just bad..
A body temperature reading of 94.8 is lower than the average body temperature of 98.6. However, some population have a lower body temperature anyway. My majority body temperature is closer to 96 degrees. A lower heat reading could not only be from a problem with the thermometer, or if you are taking the heat orally, it could be low if you drank water or another cold gooey. Yes, that is very discouraging. I think you might be clinically dead. The solitary true way to get a warmth is rectally. Under the tongue, on the forehead, in the armpit or in the ear can be past its sell-by date a few degrees. Also, make sure your thermometer is correct and functioning properly..
Its low.the usual is 98