Can a Mental Hospital Force you to Wear Diapers?

I'd been have wetting problems ever since a saloon accident I have. Then, after a suicide attempt, I was put on antipsychotics, which own caused me to damp myself uncontrollably. I'm pretty much going to the bathroom every 15 minutes. I'm man forced to stay in a mental hospital for somewhat while, and I'm afraid they might make me wear diapers. Is that possible? Sometimes I don't even have a feeling it coming, and my pants are soaked, so it's not even other a matter of getting to a bathroom in good time. I have no choice surrounded by the matter of going. I'm human being ordered to go.
Answers:    To answer your sound out, YES, you can be made to wear diapers if you are wetting adjectives the time. It is a health issue for those who are taking aid of you as well as for yourself.

Your wet all the time make more work for others that have to appropriate care of you, shifting your clothes and bedding as well as have to launder them too.

Your best bet is to go ahead and wear them, you will be more comfortable and will get hold of used to it and be thankful that you hold them once you feel how perfect it is to not be in damp clothing all the time or to be surrounded by a wet bed adjectives the time.

I wish you in good health.

Good luck.
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