Can nasal spray hurt me?

I've got a cold and own been using some nasal spay that works great. Except for one problem - it solely lasts in the order of 2 hours and it says on the bottle not to use more recurrently than once every 4 hours.
Answers:    Yes, some Nasal sprays can actually become addicting. Try using a saline spray.
Good Luck
Usually, you can simply use it for 3-4 days.

It can really mess your nose up inside.

I used to work next to a girl abaout 22 or 23, who had abused feeler spray.she ended up need surgery because the inside of her nose be really messed up.
Like the previous answerers, nasal spray can be addictive. Your body actually become dependant on it. The two most important things you should do is 1) use it singular every four hours like the sticky label directs, and 2) do not use it for more than 2 days, 3 tops. If you think just about it, most colds are gone by then, so if you're still suffereing from a stuffy muzzle in 3 days, most predictable it is because you're already becoming dependant on it.

It only take about 1 afternoon of suffering through a stuffy nose to repeal from the spray. (Sometimes a few hours, depending on how long you were using it)