Causes of sudden cold sweats, dizziness, fatigue?

This has happen a handful of times over the last year but when I rouse up in the morning and start to move about about my morning routine I suddenly find myself overcome next to a cold sweat (despite the temperature), dizziness, nausea, and feel wobbly and lightheaded. I immediately own to lie down no issue where I am or I surface as though I'll pass out. I've tried looking up these symptoms but nil I've found so far has come close -- diabetes, heart attack, pregnancy, etc. (I'm a 21-year mature female if that help.) I don't know what it could be and it's not something that I experience regularly. Any ideas of what it could be? I do plan on visit a doctor about this soon as it's highly worrisome but I'm sure they'll just transmit me it's nothing or simply stress (which it very very well could be).
Answers:    It sounds like you are have panic/anxiety attacks!
Best to go to the doctor, own some blood tests done to see what's going on. You should do this soon.