Glaucoma and nicotine?

so i have a small risk of glaucoma, its genetic the doc say, and since then ive stopped stop smoking cigarrets cuz he said nicotine is doomed to failure for the bloodflow on my eye. i had a querstion tho, i ocassionally smoke hookah (not inhale, jus the taste) and im aware nicotine stil enter my system thru my saliva etc, but is this terrible for my eyes considering my medical conditions? becasue i really approaching hookah, id be kinda downcast if the situation is i shud never smoke hookah again. i dont smoke it everyday, once a week, maybe once ery 2 weeks. any push for? thx
Answers:    Let me give my assessment based on what I know as an avid hookah smoker.

You are getting nicotine contained by your system. Just like a drink every in a minute and then won't verbs your liver, the amount you are using should cause minimal effect to your eye.

But in that is another solution. Herbal Tobacco (Nicotine Free)

Two major brands are: Soex and Black Label. You can seize them from and and even