Help, i swallowed a chicken bone, what do i do very soon?

i think it's a small piece. anything i can do besides going to the hospital lol.
If the hydrochloric acid contained by your stomach does not dissolve it, you will poop it out. It's not that bad. Don't worry. Drink lots and lots of dampen. It's that simple, if the chicken bone is that small..
you'll poop it out swallow a banana it will push the bone down
and its soft so you wont choke - dont chew the banana simply swallow a small piece.
i think maybe you should get hold of yourself a chicken hawk and give him a flashlight or just skulk all thing come to go by. if its a Sharpe bone you better go. But if its not i dont think you enjoy to worry about it.
Just consent to it pass through your system, you should be ok unless it was a big sharp narly bone. verbs the crustof a piece of bread and eat it and drink a little sea..
There is no need to run to the hospital. It will go on through you with no problems. hospital. or barf.
Don't do nothing, as long as it's not lodged in your throat..your stomach tart will take care of, and you know what happen next. I don't think in that is anything you can do besides eating bread and drinking lots of fluids. Can you still feel the bone surrounded by your esophagus? If it's a small piece, then hopefully it will pass.
I hope you get the impression better..
Well, I guess just wait and see. I wouldn't progress to the hospital unless you are in pain. Your body will probably be capable of break it down, and it will come out the other end eventually.

How did you do that, buy the way? Poor article!.
eat some bread thts obnoxious
drink water.
you swallowed a chicken bone and the first thing you do is go on your email side? instead of calling someone for help? wow i find tht hard to believe you dont involve to do anything-its perfectly fine as long as your not choking on it!
a lot of ancestors eat chicken bones on purpose-you're fine!
bon appetit!.
wait until you poo it out um, wait for it to come out!
they prolly wont do much at the ER, a moment ago tell u to wait, but u can hail as them and ask, instead of wasting ur time least i consider u can do that..
unless youre in cramp at the moment, just let it ratify. it might hurt coming out, but chicken bones, like all bird bones, are hollow so the pathogines and hydrochloric sharp in your digestive track should break it down into pretty small pieces. DONT PUKE. serious damage to your throat could go off you 'll be ok if its small.
Your stomach will coat anything that it cannot digest next to a thick mucus and expel it the regular way. Some TV show in the order of how people eat things resembling glass and screws qualified me that. Drink room temperature water slowly down your throat.

Do you enjoy room temperature coke in your house?

If that does not work.

Please budge to the ER.

My brother chokes on chicken alot. Been there done that..
Answers:    There is absolutely no inevitability to go to the hospital unless you have stomach discomfort. The incidence of anything arranged is very low. None the less here is the worst suitcase scenario but you will be fine:

IF you develop any symptoms contact your Doctor or go to the hospital.

MOST foreign bodies pass through the gastrointestinal
tract minus any consequence. A very small percentage
perforate the bowel, leading to acute tummy and requiring
surgical intervention. In most cases, the cause is discovered
peroperatively. Foreign bodies such as dentures, fish bones,
chicken bones, toothpicks and cocktail sticks have be
known to cause bowel perforation. Three cases of bowel
perforation cause by swallowed chicken bones within a
period of one year are presented.
A 59 year dated woman was admitted beside a painful
irreducible incisional hernia. There was a long-gone history of left
hemicolectomy for a diverticular stricture, hysterectomy and
bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, hypothyroidism, chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, depression and
morbid obesity. Examination revealed a tender, erythematous
and irreducible voluminous incisional hernia. It was felt that this
be a strangulated incisional hernia. At operation, the hernial
sac contained small bowel that had been perforate due to a
chicken bone. A small bowel resection was performed next to
end to end anastomosis and the incisional hernia be repaired.
The patient made an uncomplicated recovery.

A 46 year antiquated man was admitted as an emergency near a 12
hour history of severe colicky abdominal pain and vomiting
which had become constant and aggravated by coughing.
There be a past medical history of diverticular disease,
chronic constipation and peptic ulcer disease. On nouns
there was generalised abdominal pain and guarding
with rebound pain in the right iliac fossa. There was an
associated leucocytosis (13,000/mm3) and raise inflammatory
markers (CRP 22mg/L). Erect chest X-ray showed free
subdiaphragmatic air. A laparotomy revealed a perforation of
the sigmoid colon due to a chicken bone surrounded by a diverticulum.
The chicken bone was removed and the sigmoid colon was
repaired. The long-suffering made an uneventful recovery.

A 38 year old man near a previous end-colostomy for
faecal incontinence (secondary to cauda equina syndrome)
presented as an emergency with a six day history of hallucination,
decreased stoma output and a painful parastomal swelling.
On nouns he was obese, pyrexic (40 0C), tachycardia
and had generalised abdominal pain and cellulitis
over a large irreducible parastomal hernia. He was thought
to hold a strangulated parastomal hernia and underwent
emergency laparotomy. At operation he was found to enjoy a
parastomal abscess secondary to a colonic perforation within
the hernia cause by a chicken bone. The stoma was revised
and the parastomal hernia repaired. The patient made a full
taking back.

There are more than 300 cases1 of bowel perforation caused by
foreign bodies reported in the literature. Fish bones, chicken
bones and dentures are the commonest objects followed by
toothpicks and cocktail sticks. The majority of patients
do not take back ingesting the foreign body, it being discovered
either on investigation (abdominal X-ray or CT scan), or
during operation. The greater risk is at extremes of age,1
within those wearing dentures (dentures cover the most tactile
area of the palate and the foreign body goes unnoticed) or surrounded by
patients with previous bowel pathology (diverticular disease,
intestinal stricture). Alcoholics and psychiatric patients are
also at increased risk. The clinical presentation may include
frank peritonitis, localised abscess formation, enterovesical
fistula, intestinal obstruction and intestinal hemorrhage.

Good luck.
wait till it comes out..ouch jk i have no clue enjoy you tryed regurgitating it? wait don't do that bad perception i think you should prob go see a doctor srry OMG! drink l;ots lots lots of marine.poor thing..
crap it out (in a day or two, not now),
unless it's lodged in your throat and you can't breathe or devour, then go to the hospital. hospital.
cluck When you poop it out, hang on to it for a funny story..
eat some bread to help it bring back down the esophagus.