How long does urine stay body heat?

i need to kno this hastily!
Answers:    Presumably you want to pass a drug theory test using someone elses pee- Well they will check the temp of the specimen, and it can't be more than a 2 or 3 degrees colder than body temp when they do.

If this is for probation or parole you're out of luck because your officer will want to see the urine give up your job your body and enter the cup.

If you are not going to be monitered, you should do okay by placing the pee in a closure lock bag, and tapeing it to your inner thigh or below your armpit until you get into the conducting tests facility.

Good luck!
Sounds like you are trying to slip away a drug test near someone else stuff. Here is a something I learned from friends who do this: Keep the container the pee is contained by as close to your "groin" as possible. It needs to stay bery close to your body grill, and that area of your body will hold on to it the warmest.
Good Luck! urine will only stay melt for about 20 mins...if you're using a specimen from another husband drives a truck and when he has a urinalysis...he keep it warm underneath his jewels...but you want to find the specimen and go on the double to the dr.don't bs..get nearby and get it done.
Also create sure that when its time to do it .do it and then put the bottle within your pocket. if you have a physical to be precise...we use pill works.