Is it possible to peirce your own lip painlessly?

And how?

If not, how do you do it with the least amount of throbbing?

And very little blood?

Lol xD

Dont tell me its risky and stupid

I love taking risks and i spose that make me stupid =]
i get snakebites. theres no blood when u get it pierced professionally. you can get numbing cream and pierce it yourself, but it will draw from VERY infected. Ouch! I think it would be much easier and safer getting a professional to do it for you..
I have my labrette pierced and it was fairly painless but you should know how to get a good analgesic/ anaesthetic cream for the discomfort and take some paracetamol before ,as for the piercing grasp a sterile syringe, under british law they are free contained by all pharmacies, they slide through the skin effortlessly( -dont use a needle unless its a proper piercing needle)but the pharmacist might filch you for a junkie! blag your free needlez from a town your'e not from!! I wouldnt have thought it would be possible to do it painlessly, its probably even painfull if a professional were to do it! Try holding an rime cube to it for several minutes put cotton wool on the inside of your lip then stick a needle through it hurriedly - even typing that made me wince its just such a thick bit of flesh and you might bleed profusely! Who know what will happen - goodluck to you - you'll need it!.
Answers:    How old are you? is there a judgment as to why you cannot pay to get it done professionally?.

if you do proper research into it, and use the correct things similar to 'sterile piercing needles' ' Clamps' and correct jewellery, then you should be ok.

I wouldnt do it if your planning to use an rime cube, a sewing needle/safety pin and a regular butterfly back earring from claires. if you do that, your just looking for trouble..
Good luck stupid. lol try it and then tolerate us know