What are the danger of sleeping next to an electric blanket?

I sleep with an electric blanket on the highest setting every hours of darkness in winter. I want to know if doing this is damaging my vigour
(And I don't have very much body temperature either so I use 3 thick wool blankets and an electric blanket)
electric blanket? ...didnt know they made those... sounds more like a torture device... "Self-heating blanket" that makes more sense

umm... all right you do know if there were any risks, the company that make the blanket would have to tell you right? explicitly, if those risks were even significant enough to take past all the union in the first place... (FCC, surgeon general, whathaveyou...) i wouldnt verbs about it...

don't use it if your sleeping in sea... or if ur camping in a tent. (dew.) next again, in that last situation, where on earth the hell would you plug it in?

oh and by the way... you enjoy low body heat because of that blanket. yeah. your bodys used to not having to bake itself..
While I have not hear of electric blankets being harmful, except for the inherent shock or fire risk, there have be concerns about high voltage nouns wires having an effect on people near its electromagnetism. The heater wires in the blanket operate at much less significant voltage that the high tension lines, but, they are so much closer. Something to consider.. First sour the body has its own built-in thermostat and an electric blanket, may, or may not, interfere with the body's everyday functioning. Yet as the body also has it's own Electrical-Magnetic-Field it's possible that an electric blanket could interfere with common body functions..
read the book things not see, its fiction but the kid slept with an electic blanket and turned invisible. maybe use it on the lowest setting umm very well the blanket can get really hot and over heat possbly burn u iv never in truth heard of a hazard do my ex boyfriend did the same thing basically not on the highest setting.
1. whats wrong with normal blankets? im sure your running up the electric bill.

2. and depending on how hot the blanket get it can get bad for you. I know you can capture bloody noses from it. sleep in 68-74 degree..
if it get wet it can shock you

you will be use to the warmth so dont lay on it own it over you or else it can get a short and hurt you

well if here is a storm outside, and it is atached to an outlet then you might get electrocuted. they put together those so they cant seriously harm you though. i suggest sleeping with extra clothes or merely turning the heater on? You should always turn your electric blanket rotten upon getting into bed. If you should accidentally twist or crumple the electric blanket, you could start a fire which could kill you..
yeah I guess it poses a threat if you were on a dampen bed i can make a fire, or it can burn you.
it could start burning, you could dehydrate yourself, if it got extremely hot, it could cause a steam stroke, but that would have to be extreme well, if you're a guy within are many dangers, but as a rule electric blankets are safe unless water is spilled or within are damaged wires.
I have read that it evaporates water. Doctors share seniors not to use electric blankets because of this. They can become dehydrated.

You need to acquire a check up from a doctor. Be sure to tell her/him that you are unusually cold..
You will adapt a dependence for heat. You will also quality VERY cold in the morning. The danger is that it can overheat beneath your body weight and ignite.
I also sleep with mine on max..
It would be very risky to sleep with your electric blanket in a hip bath, for sure. one time an electric blanket burned my skin because i put the setting too high and went to sleep on it, not a virtuous idea in my inference..
Electrocution...??:S youre probably doing more damage to yourself worrying give or take a few it.
you will be very hot. well i suppose within some cases it can electrocute you.
Answers:    If you wear any sort of medicated patch approaching one of these:

Orthoevra (birth control)
Fentanyl (pain)

the excess heat changes the rate at which the medication is engaged into the skin. Many people have died from wearing a duragesic patch close to fentanyl and using an electric blanket. The people overdose on the medication during their sleep and die.

Aside from that issue, I am not aware of any other complications from using a heating blanket aside from the reality that may be a fire hazard..
i don't know death.
2 or three comforters should do the trick :P immolation?.
uhhh. shock? an unnatural need to be a contender within Answers? That being your only bake source?