What do I do for an accidentally swallowed bone?

While eating pork chops tonight, I accidentally swallowed a small bone. I've drank plenty of water and eat some more food to push it down, but it still feels like it's lodged within my throat. Is this normal (result of a scratched throat) or should I be worried?
Answers:    If other foods/solids will go down later it is not "stuck" in your esophagus. If you are breathing okay and your voice is unchanged later there is no danger to verbs about. I would take tums and solely drink soothing drinks for a few days. No carbonated or citrus drinks with acid contained by them. Good luck.
As long as it went down your throat and you aren't choking, it'll just come out contained by a natural way into your toilet.
I swallowed a bone past too, it's just your imagination that you think it's lodged contained by your throat. If you feel pretty much ok i would give it a few days to see what happen. If your really stressing about it you can call any ER and speak next to the nurse to see if its normal or ok..
go to the doctor at hand is a high chance that its ur imagination but move about to the doctor just in luggage it will come out the normal way Go to the doctor. it can go and get stuck in your throat which can cut your throart and then...