What do people look like when they die what happens the minute they die?

Answers:    People look different when they die depending on them, their bodies and the method of death.

The minute they die the body loses all function and decomposition of bodily tissue begins. There may be some expelling of bodily fluids or some muscular twitching, but not always..
If you ever saw the movie Beetlejuice the one true thing they said is that is what death looks like on him, and her and so on and so on. People die for different reasons and different ways and it is all as unique as we are unique as humans. the minute they die they are dead and it's forever and you can't take it back. i've only seen people after they are gone---the second they die they meet their maker--hell who knows..
The look on their face depends on the circumstances. From the 'minute' they die all systems shut down. Biologically their bodies continue to burn up glycogen until metamorphosis sets in. (when they become stiff) if they are saved they go to Heaven