What happen to a body after burial?

A properly embalmed body within the US, buried in a coffin to be exact inside a vault, 6 foot under. I'm assuming the decomposition is different from an unembalmed body stretch out to the elements? I ask because my parents just died and it's a colloquial curiosity.
Answers:    Decomposition in an embalm body is going to occur at a much slower rate than an unembalmed body. Embalming is expected to retard decomposition, not prevent it. I have disinterred embalm bodies that have be dead for decades, and they looked spotless, and I have also witnessed severe decomposition of an embalm body after a few short months of burial. Some factors that affect the rate of decomp. are the casket, the catacomb, the climate, the type of embalming fluid that be used, and so on. A less expensive tomb and/or casket will only give to the rate of decomposition. Hope this helps, embezzle care.
Unfortunately, even properly embalm bodies deteriorate rather at full tilt. This is partly because of the unconscious bacteria, etc. vanished on and in the body, and which lug over after death.
There is also a profound effect cause by the "hermetically" sealed coffin, so they do not mummify. I don't know how to speak this gently ample, it's more like the body liquifies. I only buried both my parents a year ago, and it's been on my mind, too. So I asked our mortician, and he give me the information as delicately as possible. I'm so sorry for your loss, and I hope you know that what made your parents the relatives they were is not their bodies - but the spirits their bodies housed.