What is the difference from Astroglide, KY Jelly, and Surgilube? Personal Lubricant?

I have a choice to buy these. What should I buy? Surgilube seem cheaper but does it really make a difference on what I buy and the use? I requirement something safe next to condoms of course and I believe these adjectives to be true.

Feel different? Make a difference?

KY Jelly


Answers:    K-Y Jelly always works for me.
All of the foremost brand personal lubricant products use the same ingrediants, and work like peas in a pod way. The crucial thing is the take home sure that the lubricant you choose is safe to use beside a condom.

Just like any product (soap, mitt lotion, shampoo, paper towels) every first name brand works the way it is intended to work, and which label brand (or generic brand) a person chooses to buy is simply a concern or personal preference not a issue of whether or not it works.

Also, it's a good hypothesis to avoid lubricants that are flavored, scented, or volunteer a 'tingling' or 'warming' sensation. Those special lubricants can be fun for occasional use, but are not good for everyday use.

Many of the stores hold their own lubricant. For example, if you go to CVS pharmacy, you will find KY and Astroglide - and subsequent to the KY will be a CVS generic version of KY and subsequent to the Astroglide will be a CVS generic version of Astroglide. These store brands work lately as well as the given name brands, but are often smaller number expensive.