Whilst defrost my freezer I've punctured the inside, immediately nouns is hissing out?

Should I be worried, what I mean is, is this just usual air or anything poisonous? please help ASAP
Don`t be worried. Sorry hun - time to get a trial one. Its cream crackered now..
That's fairly dangerous, chances are its a flammable gas that probably won't do your lungs any devout either.

Get it outside, or if not, interested a door to the outside to try and get some air flow within, and don't using the oven or lighting any matches near it until adjectives the gas has escaped.

Either way, you've get a broken freezer now! You'll have to whip it somewhere to be disposed of properly.

I'm guessing you made the classic mistake of thinking it was ok to defrost a freezer using a knife or other sharp intent? Never do this. You're supposed to defrost it by taking all the food out and turning it off, and afterwards mop up the water after it's all melt..
Answers:    Put a piece of duck cartridge over it to see if it stops it

And if it is only air you hold not problem you may have put a hole in the cold nouns input line and that is no problem any you only have impart it quicker way to get contained by the freezer

You can not puncture any critical lines such as freon lines they are piping and protected on the back of the frig. on the bottom of it nothing similar to this in in the top anywhere no piping to engineer the air cold that is solely return cannals for the air to return to the bottom of the frig or go support up in the same duck work
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approaching the furnace in your home that is the comparison I am looking for
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HECK YES! NOTHING POISONOUS BUT CALL COMPANY THAT MADE PRODUCT. THERE SHOULD BE A WARRANTY THAT COVERS YOUR FREEZER. EITHER THEY WILL SEND SOMEONE OUT TO FIX IT OR REPLACE WITH A NEW ONE. BUT DON'T WAIT TAKE CARE OF ASAP Hissing, but not for long. Open windows for a while and check your mound balance to see if you can get a clean one because htis one's had it..
that isnt air its chemical gas and yes be worried get the article outside Its fuc**d!.
thats the gas insde your freezer that make it cold. You may wanna se sum1 about that x Say good bye to it, or bid a repairman!

go to Junk Applainces .com for help, they answer alot of question for me!

good luck.
http://www.wipo.int/pctdb/en/wo.jsp?IA=K... Your freezer is now cream crackered.
i wouldnt breath it in.

your freezer is immediately kaput..
Turn the power off, find something like plastersine / putty ro plug it.Or possibly some decent gaffer / duct tape. If you can't buy a brand new freezer straight away I suggest putting the contents in a neighbours / friends freezer. The only article I know of that would repair this is a product called stalmax / upvc gap filler. it turns to solid plastic when set (24 hours) but the trouble is that the nouns will be wet and frozen so it will need to be dried sour. This happened to me once when a friend punctured my freezer (some friend) luckily like the true dudes we are we have loads of stuff on hand. You gotta move fast. Hi There
You should turn your fridge past its sell-by date and seek advice..could be nouns as it was inside you punctured.. the gas is based at the subsidise of a freezer though the cooling filter is based inside...be precautious and seek proposal from a refrigeration company or the maker.
throw it out no good now