Anybody ever used to buy steroids?

I was woundering if the website was selling existing stuff.

the odds of them self legitimate are slim to none...
No i was planning on buying the stuffs.They look existing to me.But the cost is a bit high.It will take me 500 bucks to do 12 week cycle of sustanon,deca and conclude with nolvadex.If you are willing to reward the prize i say go for it.It is the lone site i found so far which is close to being trust worthy. the odds of them self legitimate are slim to none...
Answers:    Yes.

I found on about 3 weeks ago.

I tried their Free Trial Offer and received Anabol for free. To my surprise they were TRUE steroids.

So I made an order 1 week ago of Deca, Anabol and Stanol and received them 3 days ago. The products are legit.

Their prices for Injectable Steroids are a little large, but the Oral Tablets are dirt cheap.

I have tried other websites and wasted like mad of money not receiving my products or receiving Herbal Anabolic Steroids. Herbal Anabolic Steroids are advertise as Pharmaceutical Grade, but not Anabolic Steroid Grade. I realized that all tablets or vials are Pharmaceutical Grade even Herbal Anabolic Steroids.

I love the certainty that they offer a Free Trial Offer. This Offer saved me seriously of time and money to find what I was looking for.