I was thinking about trying the Nutrisystem program, and I simply wanted to know if anyone here has used it (you can never really trust t.v. testimonials).

I would similar to to know how well it works and tastes, as ably as pricing, because again they are never very clear on that as well.

Thank you!!
You'll spend 300 bucks a month and more. because they tell you to budge buy fresh vegs and fruits to go with the package meals.
You can do the same entry a lot cheaper yourself by buying frozen meals yourself similar to lean cuisine, budget gourmet, etc.
Just keep the collation choices under 400 calories for each spread.
NutriSystem is no different than budget gourmet, it's just a huge money making tool.
Okay. My friend tried the nutri system and paid a couple of hundred dollars for it, but she said that the food tastes HORRIBLE. I go over to her place and saw all of the packages lined up by her counter and she looked approaching she was about to barf. She say that she can hardly eat it because the meat are not frozen, but packaged. The only moral thing is the dessert (i.e., choc chip cookies).

NOW, I am currently taking Medifast. It is a pre-packaged food diet as well and the shakes and oatmeal and soups and puddings are not too discouraging, I have to admit. They are adjectives 100 calories and you have some bars as very well. You eat 5 of the packaged foods a year (and they are not hard to make - basically add water and microwave, if necessary). Then, you can own one meal that you can prepare yourself (a meat and vegetable) ... that makes going out to get through easy. lol.
Answers:    Most just now I was on Nutrisystem from Sept 2007 thru April 2008. I started at 250 lbs with a hope to get below 180. I reached that purpose a few weeks ago following the Nutrisystem program very closely. So for me it really worked. Now I'm following their maintenance guidelines and trying to lose a few more pounds beside real food and that's worked so far too, I'm 3 pounds below my Nutrisystem goal.

They own lots of discussion boards for members and I've seen associates who have been even more successful than me and others who enjoy not been nearly as successful. So unfortunately, your own individual mileage may rise and fall.

I suggest you consider the factors that personally own made you gain weight and/or fail to lose it..

Since Nutrisystem provides the untold majority of the food you should eat while on the program, if making food selections and the portion sizes hold been a problem for you, I'd say Nutrisystem is angelic.

If you are comfortable with online communities and forums and you've struggled not having associates to share your journey, help and support you on the process, Nutrisystem is good. I've been supporting and getting support from alot of relatives there who are trying to do the same point as I am (and others who are helping based on their past success).

The structure be very key for me. I know exactly what I could and could not have to be following the program (and always have the food in the house so I couldnt justify a nifty food stop because there was zilch to make in the house). But the structure will solitary help if you are committed to following what the structure tells you to do. If you cant resist the temptations to cheat, next just doing any program wont work (cause if you cheat, you are not really doing it). OK, you can cheat once in a blue moon, but not repeatedly and you have to get right backbone to the program quickly so you dont fall into weak bad habits.

As others hold noted in their answers, the nutrisystem food costs about $300/month. You gain some free weeks when you sign up and if you do monthly auto delivery you get a discount and free shipping. However not everything you devour comes from Nutrisystem for that $300. They dont send you anything perishable. From them you get a breakfast entree, lunch entree, dinner entree and a desert/snack. So you still stipulation to get groceries locally that you eat along beside the Nutrisystem food (fruits, vegetables, dairy, some protien). That will increase the cost somewhat.

How does it taste ? None of it is 4 star cuisine, but it's packaged food, what do you expect. Some of it is downright awful. But within the first month or 2 you figure out what you like, what you tolerate, and what you cant stand. Then you customize adjectives your monthly shipments after that to only include what you want. They will also exchange items for you, so if you get 4 of a in no doubt dinner that you know you hate after you try the first one, you can exchange the other 3 for something else.

Good luck however you decide to pursue your solidity loss. If you do decide to sign up with Nutrisystem you can find my contestant page there under the user signature ctzny.
I tried nutrisystem many years ago. It was another one of those diet that I give up after paying too much for it.

I tried Medifast 6 months ago, and the food taste a little better. I similar to their soup, shake and oatmeals. If you want to lose weight fast, medifast is recommended by lots doctors.
I tried it. It personally didn't work for me. The pictures of the food they show on tv deff does not look the same within real life. I couldn't stand the appetite either. There were with the sole purpose about 3 types of food I liked.

I canceled that plan prompt.