Weight loss and peeing??

When you start losing weight do you also start peeing more?? not from drinking more water or anything...I am drinking equal amount..I jus noticed that when i start dieting i also start peeing alot more...Am i crazy?? or is this a sign of weight loss??
that can be a symptom of diabetes maybe you should get checked out?
only be happy for it...its your body`s way bof detoxing itself frequently to lose excess fluids and impurity... that can be a symptom of diabetes maybe you should get checked out?
Answers:    Yes explicitly a good sign because when you loose weight the excess have to go somewhere. It does not just shed rotten the body it is excreted through your system.
best of luck with your weight loss:)
Yes, its from a recuction contained by sodium and possibly some diet crap pills you are taking.

People think diets work mainly because the first 10-15 pounds are lost contained by the first week and it's all just marine weight that they put back on when their body get hip to what's going on. Most sudden changes in diet will produce like effect as the latest fad diets, low-carb diets, caveman diets, sugar free diets, Etc.

The switch is to boost metabolism and make gradual changes to your ingestion habits that you are capable of maintain most of the time for the rest of your life. The hardest change, and most difficult for tons, is to reduce the portions and increase the number of meals. Few citizens maintain the habit due to cravings.

What works is drastically simple when you break it down. Are you consuming more calories than your body uses? If so, you will gain weight. If you consume less calories than your body uses, you will lose cargo. It's all based on metabolism and have a lot to do with how much calories your body wants. The higher your metabolism, the more calories it needs to burn to do matching activity. The lower your metabolism, the fewer calories it requests to burn. That means if you consume a lot of calories and enjoy low metabolism, the calories you don’t expend get stored as energy (fat) for next.

The reason calorie reduction diets don't work is because population don't stay on diets for the rest of their lives or their metabolism catches on to what is going on. Sudden decreases and sporadic change in calorie consumption (crash and yoyo dieting) is not only discouraging for weight loss, but also bad for your standard health and wellbeing. Most importantly, it make us stop believing we can have beautiful fine bodies and find excuses to give up.

The true key to losing consignment and keeping it off is to boost your metabolism with exercise. Not simply does it boost metabolism, you also burn calories while doing it.

The more muscle you have, the more energy you burn basically sitting there. Muscle weighs a great deal more than fat, but is much leaner, and for several reasons allows you to devour more without storing the energy.

One more point: the two most adjectives problems I see with people's diets is that they are eating overly processed foods next to supplementation that actually causes more nutritional deficiency, which leads to food cravings and addictions. It's a vicious cycle and one have only to watch commercials to know that companies approaching Pfizer and Kellogg’s have multi-billion dollar industries that profit from keeping us this way. In reality, the majority of conditions Big Pharma is pushing drugs on us for (depression, sleeping disorders, digestive problems) can be drastically improved and often cured near exercise and nutrition. A quick look at who democratic and republican party's top corporate campaign contributors are should make a contribution you quick insight as to why the FDA, USDA, and several medical and pharmaceitucal associations represent the interests of those corporations instead of people similar to us.

I wrote the above article myself but highly recommend a dietician's videos by the cross of Natalie because she is a great person and has done profoundly of non-profit contributing and her link is below.

One more thing you can do to aid surrounded by weight loss is to get 7-9 hours of sleep a hours of darkness. Studies show a significant trend in those who sleep more than 9 hours a night have obesity. If sleeping habits are not up to par within combination with regular exercise, this could indicate a very problematic sleeping disorder. Sleep apneas that routinely interrupt sleeping pattern cause people to in fact get far less sleep than they want, even though they get some shut eye for 9 or more hours, because they aren’t in a cavernous sleep for most of that time. In the event that you find this to be the case, it is imperative for your mental and physical wellbeing to desire medical attention for sleep apnea. I know it’s common among people who snore severely loudly. Also, do attempt daily exercise (not late at night) first and see if this facilitates better sleeping.

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