Does anyone know how to construct a home made mannish chastity belt?

i have 2 locks if necissary but i want to know if anyone knows how to build a cheap, comfterbal, and good male chastity. please update if so.
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are you seriously trying to net a chastity belt, or is this for costuming? in the medival times, I know that female chastity belts have an vaginal insertion that was made with spikes, so that if someone tried to rape her his penis would be caught within the spikes and ripped apart.
Answers:    you can actually find one in a bondage or s&m site online for cheap
Umm, they are immoral.
Denying a guy full use of his penis is inequitable.
I will not answer this question.
Are you trying to prevent yourself from masturbating?

Masturbation is normal and healthy, and it's only just been determined by studies that males who masturbate an average of five times per week have a reduced amount of prostate problems and prostate cancer in later natural life.

Some guys feel guilty about it, and if that's the bag, good luck to you.
its his dick let him whack it
idk how but ur gonna regret it subsequent dude lol hahaha y would u wanna do that?? let ur beast free