Is a 6.25-6.5 inch penis beside 4.5 inch girth clad for a 15 (just turned 16 yr mature?)?

i can live with my length but i don't like my girth. isn't true the girth get bigger as you get older? (sorry these question are posted so much, i am insecure cause im 15 and i cant help it!)
Answers:    don't verbs about it. your length is fine. i just turned 17, and my length is simply over 7 in. you're actually pretty big for someone your age. my girth is almost 6 in, but I'm already shaving, and am also really tall (6-7). you will unquestionably grow more, and remember that you're bigger than most of your peers. don't stress about your size.
Don't worry, a skilled tongue is more important. the average is 5.5 so your good bro u still get plenty of growing left too you'll prolly hit 8in by the time your done good luck