My penis is 7 1/2 inches and i be wondering if specifically a perfect average size, girls voice i'm big but i don't kno

When ever i get with a girl they say aloud my penis is big but sometimes i feel insecure, once in a while. this is a serious cross-examine. I'm black, 6'1 209 wit a muscular build and im 18 (yea i lied bout my birthdate). Is this a self concious thing or what. Any answers will be appriciated..
That's above average. You're fine.
YES, only 10 % of the entire population on soil have penis size over 6.1 inch/ with that person said, and yes its true, go and google it for yourself. You are among a few with colossal penis. Girth (width) however is what is important to please a woman as length , and the average worldwide is about 3.4, step and check for yourself. so you are fine bro. and the fact is worlwide, Italians (men living in italy)have the largest penis sizes on average/, mortal black or hispanic has nothing to do near it.
Answers:    Well black guys have larger penisses on the average than other inhabitants. So for you being black it's probably average size. You would be above average for caucasian...and way means of access above average for asian.

You shouldn't feel insecure unless the girls are having trouble next to your size. Seems like most girls like a hulking penis more than a smaller one. Seems like you are luckyer than most.
yea its a good size you probaly feel insecure because you suppose they mean it in a unpromising way but no thats not a bad size its pious so dont worry bout it That's above average. You're fine.
im 14, white , and my penis is 7.5 inches that's a fine size