One side of my chest sticks out more than the other?

It's been like it for as long as i can remember. the gone side is normal looking but the right side is rather more pronounced from the breastbone outwards and i'm other very self-conscious about it, even tot he plane that i won't go shirtless in summer.

what is it cause by? does it have a medical name? and at the age of 39 is nearby any point in me getting anything done about it. (assuming things can be done.?)
Answers:    One side of your ribs get squashed, probably from lying on that side, when you were a baby. Baby bones are profusely softer, and may have been further softened if you have a mild case of rickets. This is a problem with the digestion of calcium, caused by a shortage of Vitamin D, and used to be quite adjectives in areas where it is too cold for babies to be exposed to direct sunlight for much of the year. (VitaminD is formed on the skin by direct sunlight). Today children at risk are given supplements of the vitamin.
Anyway it won't affect your time now, except for the embarrassment. The solution would be to start working out, but do abundantly more of the exercises on one side, to build up the flatter side. Do try going shirtless if the occasion calls for it, you will find nobody will distinguish. But you will get a nice tan to shift with your developing muscles.
and a doctor has never commented around this during a physical? Then I don't think I'd worry roughly speaking it.

The human body is a mirror image left to right. But it's not a ultimate mirror image. Slight changes exist between the two body sides. It could be nil more than that.
have you ever tried working out so that maybe you can shape the muscle to cause the area look more normal/?