Rims of my penis is purple?

I'm uncircumsized, and the rim of my penis is purple, hurts when I touch my penis without the foreskin anywhere, also, the rims are kind of swollen, should I verbs?
Answers:    i've read lately (but i can't remember the site) that the rim of the glans of your penis turning purple is normal and is just section of stages of arousal like erection. i am circumcised and my rim turns purple too when i am very aroused and own intense erections. i have also read that only few men can own their rims purple when on the stages of arousal. so there is nothing to verbs about that. touching your penis without the foreskin hurts because you are uncircumcised and the glans is amazingly sensitive. seriously, that is one of the cons of being uncircumcized for most. (uncircumcised culture don't hate me for saying this... this is the truth). i be uncircumcised til i was 11 and i kinda felt equal sensitivity that you do right now. it really hurts when you touvh it. after i was circumcised... and after everything heal... my glans were no longer sensitive and i think it's because my glans is immediately used to being out of the foreskin. i am not trying to convince you to get circumcised... it's solitary my opinion. circumcised or not... it's both good. no difference in truth when it comes to sex. if it is still bothering you... try consulting your doctor and he'll surely help you. hope i helped contained by some way. =)
it happended to me and i freaked out!! but i learned subsequent that it was just my penis growing and the adjust to it. if it really bothers you rub where it hurts like if you have an itch on the bottom of your balls. measure presently and later If ever it hurts to touch your penis...you should take it seriously. Go see a doctor SOON! Good Luck