Why do my testicles appear to rotate underneath the skin?

Yeah, I was sitting on the toilet one morning, tired, so my head be hung low. I opened my eyes, and I stared at my sack for no reason at adjectives, and that's when I noticed my balls slowly moving. The skin would bunch up within some area, and smooth out in others, as if the sack itself be adjusting the objects within. It looked resembling it was alive. When I would look closely, it would stop, but when I would look away and look back at the double, I would catch it moving, then it would stop. Is this ordinary?
Guess the toilet form was cold.
Then your nuts get closer to your body.
Happens adjectives day long:they adjust to the temperature surrounding them.To hang on to the sperm well and healthy.
relax..it just the temperature the scrotum(ball) enjoy to be at a certain temperature so it how you say"rotates" to continue that temperature
when its long its because its warm
when its small its becuase its cold
Answers:    LOL!
It looked alive cause it is alive! You are alive aren't you? And your scrotum is attached to you is it not? Therefore, your scrotum is just as alive as you are!
As for it moving, it be adjusting it's self based on the ambient heat surrounding it, the toilet seat was most probable cold so your scrotum pulled your testicles closer to your body to maintain a constant temperature, which is needed for the production of sperm cell.
This is normal and is nothing to be concerned nearly.
mine does one and the same, the two answers so far have allready answered my own question. LOL!