Can i drink beer while on azithromycin antibiotic?

i lost my instruction deal
Answers:    yes you can. but try to take it trouble-free with the alcohol because 1) you have an infection, and 2) you are taking an antibiotic drug that MIGHT (and that's notably unlikely) have some serious side-effects if taken with alcohol.

adjectives i'm saying is you can drink around 2-3 beers but don't over do it.

I wouldn't worry too much something like the instructions because that stuff usually scares people.

Just generate sure you finish taking the entire prescription. That's the most important thing near antibiotics.
u are not supposed to drink on any medication! however most meds if u drink will enhance the effect of fatigue if i am not mistaken beer may interfere with the effectiveness of the antibiotics as a consequence they may not work as well as if u do not drink You will not have an adverse aversion, however alcohol will weaken your immune system, so it isn't adviced while you have an infection.