Cigarettes - What's the difference between Marlboro 100's and 120's?

I have a question. What's the difference between the Marlboro 100's and the Marlboro 120 cigarettes? I'm a short time ago curious. Is the 120 stronger? I don't know, I've never smoked. Or what's the difference between,"light", "ultra light" or "mild" cigarettes?
120's are longer than 100's, so they have more tabacco. Lights have smaller amount tabacco. Or at least, I'm pretty sure. I don't smoke lights, so I'm not entirely certain.

Edit: Ah mixed up the 75's and 100's. Nevermind, don't listen to me.
120s are rolled smaller.
Same amount of tobacco.

Light etc, is done by loose packing of tobacco as well as the filter.

Mild may be a bit smaller number nicotine. The amounts can be controlled by mixing light nicotine tobacco and higher nicotine tobacco. There are plants that differ contained by the quantitiy of nicotine.
The lessor of the two is cheaper in price, the higher is the most costly. Price is determined at auctions.

Most Marboro cigs use premium tobacco, sophisticated nicotine.
Answers:    marlboro120's are shorter. smoking ultra lights are suppose to be less smoke you are inhaling and suppose to be the mildest. Mild, you get the full flavor, and lights are not full favor but not as street lamp as ultra lights. But you still can get cancer and develop other problems.
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