Help my ear won't stop ringing!?

My ear won't stop ringing and it is driving my crazy. I just got home nearly an hour ago and as soon as i got out of my car my moved out ear started ringing like I've never heard it ring previously. It is a really high pitched ring and it is very exceedingly loud. I plugged my right ear to see if I could still hear through the ringing ear and I can. I'm just curious to wtf is going on, and what I can do to stop it if anything. I don't know how much longer I can take this!
Answers:    I am here to give support to you.
You have tinnitus. Tinnitus is not a disease, but is a symptom that something goes wrong within your body. That is why you have to say:"Welcome" instead to madness. It is quite natural to perceive anxious and afraid when you first experience tinnitus, that is why I can and want to inform you professionally.
There is no place to list adjectives the causes of tinnitus that are more than 70. I'll give you purely some examples from them. Most common and benign is a hard wax blocking your ear.
But you drive a sports car on everyday basis, then excesive exposure to loud uproar over a long period of time might be another cause. Also portable music may be a source of uproar.Disorders in blood vessels, within this case you feel as a heartbeat surrounded by your ear. If you want to control this point at home to see if it is the cause then control what you chomp through and drink and what is the relation to tinnitus. Some people have found a association between these. For example, red wine increase tinnitus. High blood pressure, in this case repositioning your skipper usually the sound disappears.
Frequent cause is an infection within inner ear. Restless and stress are serious causes Whatever the causes of the tinnitus are, it is made worse by stress.
Treatment depends on what cause the tinnitus But because conventional medicine has not found a truly cure for tinnitus, alternative treatment is popular. Here I have to tell you ATTENTION because these treatments can abet you simply because your overall health improves and not specifically to your tinnitus. I want you to chuckle a bit. Thousands years ago there were masses remedies for tinnitus including a fumigation of the ears in which a skin of non- poisonous snak were burned. And very soon, let us be serious a bit.. I've heard contained by my 40 years working as a nurse, hundred times bad doctors saying to patients;" Go home and swot up to live with it". But now I know exactly what is it from first paw experience. I've had for 4 months and so I've discovered my high blood pressure. Today I enjoy rarely a tinnitus when I am very stressed, after also a high blood pressure but generally I haven't the two because my skill in alternative medicine . But this is another subject and you stipulation to see your doctor.
It is very, very, fundamentally important to know the cause and the investigation individual your doctor can. You need a professional investigation to know what your tinnitus wants to communicate you.
If you have any questions and I can answer you , please quality free to ask me.
Good luck
Hi. Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) can be due to several reasons. Are your ears blocked? Sometimes it could also be due to ear wax or an infection.

If it doesn't stop, you may necessitate to see a doctor or ENT specialist who will examine your ears to do a proper diagnosis.

In the meantime you can try to "cover up the noise of tinnitus with external uproar. Use with a fan, soft music or low-volume radio static. Listen to CDs near white noise or natural sounds similar to rain and seaside". (extracted from

Good luck!
Try buying an ear wax remover kit, put the drops that come inside the apparatus and wait about 5 min the near the little syrange or what ever is called put warm hose inside and spray it inside ur ear it might hurt a little but it will work. trust me it happened to me too and the doctor recomended it, flawless luck Maybe a bug got in. No, doubt it.

This happen to my friend. He tried pain relieves, icing it, sleeping, warming it, zilch happened.

He went to run see a doctor. I think you should do the same.

Not so much info, but that's adjectives there is too it. Try doing those things i mentioned on top. It might help .