Is it conventional for one eye to be a bit stronger than the other?

In paying very close attention, I came to realise when covering up one eye or the other, that my vanished eye is a bit (not substantially) sharper and clearer than my right eye. This is mainly noticeable when looking at small workbook or text and light from far away, the moved out eye is sharper, while the right one is more blurry, again, this is only a minor difference that I hadn’t noticed beforehand. I haven’t had eye problems in former times, and the reason that I'd been paying more attention to this is because I'd be getting some pain in the middle of my moved out eye lately that could have been from anxiety because I get the doctor to examine my left eye today, he shined some light within it, then did a fluorescein (orange dye) examination near a blue light, he said the cornea and back of the eye looked on top form. Is it possible that the examination altered my vision surrounded by my left eye, possibly in a positive process? Is it normal to have one eye a bit sharper than the other or are they supposed to be precisely same?
mine do the same but my right is stronger lol
I don't know this medically, but i know that my left eye is quite a bit stronger than my right eye, and some of my friends hold the same thing. the street light shouldn't have done anything. mine do the same but my right is stronger lol
Answers:    It's certainly very common. Many family with glasses or contacts hold two seperate prescriptions. It's just as likely that the two eyes of one being are the same as it is that two eyes of two different people are alike.
I Believe so.. mine are duplicate way.