Is vaporizing marijuana locked?

I heard some people chitchat about this today and so I asked them what they were discussion about and they said that they vaporize marijuana and it is compleatly safe...they said they use a vaporizor call the silver surfer to vaporize their it true that one could buy this device and use it to inhale pot fumes and get elevated with no negative effects?!
Completely safe?


<---Habitual cannabis user.
No. Nothing you smoke is safe. It radiate your lungs. And has long term effects on your reproductive organs and the instrument they work.

Answers:    The singular physical risks of marijuana come from smoking it.

What Connor does not seem to understand is that when you use a vaporizer you inhale VAPORS not smoke (he also doesn't give the impression of being to know much about marijuana in general). You may still exhale a apparent white vapor, but it differs from smoke. If smoke is found in the vapors, turning the vaporizer down would be your next step.

I hold the VaporBrothers hands-free vaporizer. It's wonderfully nice to use and has a good price.

It is extremely undisruptive to use a vaporizer and what I recommend to anyone who does not want to smoke. It produces a much more clear-headed high.
Its less insanitary but no completely safe.