Just swallowed some hydrogen peroxide?

okay so i was gargling beside some 3% hydrogen peroxide, and i spit the stuff out
but as you may know, the stuff bubbles up, and a little bit of the stuff was still within my mouth, so i just swallowed it. Now, about 15 minutes latter, im feeling some stomach bloating, like a hold to burp. Whats up?
Answers:    leaves a nasty taste huh? drink some hose and even eat somthing..it will pass...if it wasn't too much approaching you seem to suggest.
As hydrogen peroxide brakes down, the products made are water and oxygen. It's oxygen gas contained by your gut. If you just swallowed a bit, you'll be ok. Just keep burping up that excess oygen. http://youtube.com/watch?v=aRn5-LQCg2s

lol of late playing