Soma and Hepatitis C?

Can Soma aggravate Hepatitis C? Does Soma cause weight gain, fluid retention?
Answers:    According to the website (link below) - it say that you should talk to your doctor about liver disease past taking Soma. So there is the possibility that it can negativly effect the liver.

Lots of prescription drugs are hard on the liver. Mostly because the liver have no idea how to break them down.

Talk to your Dr.

I see in another interrogate you asked, that you were recently diagnosed near Hep C and that you are leaning toward not considering treatment. I would take the proposal of BJC on that thread and consult your physician.

Even though you read a lot of horror stories about tx, it's really not that discouraging. I did it and it worked for me. Plus your a genotype 2b, so 24 weeks is a breeze. I had to do the 48 week version.

Good luck near your decision.
in standard, only about 5% of meds are cleared by the liver and should be avoided surrounded by HCV. 95% are cleared by the kidney and are safe. A brief list of meds/behaviors that should be avoided surrounded by HCV include muscle relaxants (like soma), narcotic pain pills, benzodiazepines (like xanax or ativan or valium), alcohol/tobacco/marijuana (these greatly increase the scarring rate of the virus and increase risk of cancer). Finally, over 90% of patients with HCV get it from illicit behavior (IV drugs, snorting drugs) and most have addictive behavior patterns (become glibly addicted to drugs such as soma) and have concurrent smoking or drinking habits.